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Vehicle display demand themral and Taiwan panel makers quickly into

 Vehicle panel market next year, annual growth rate can be more than 20% of the huge business opportunities, AUO, CMO, CPT, Giantplus rushing into, respectively, successfully broke into the Ashkenazi, Japanese, U.S. korea ,mainland of the depots supply chain, the kinetic energy injected into the revenue and profitability of small and medium-size panels.
The automotive electronics has always been strict safety regulations and certification, panel makers have to spend at least 2 years, to break into the aftermarket supply chain; If we can successfully cut international brand original into the market, is equivalent to obtain tickets to enter the automotive electronics market.
the Sankei Center  Statistics said that the car magnitude of amazing information panel growth, after 2013,the growth rate will be risen up with more than 20%year after year ,among them navigation affects the display panel to the main growth.

ITRI Components Research Department analyst, Chen Jie Bo said, car panels such as TN, STN, TFT panel with TFT panel is gradually replacing the traditional VA accounted for more than 80% of the output value of the vehicle panel. Panel of the car, 70% concentrated in the navigation audio and video displays and other related purposes.