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Display LEDs:Lighting Up the Display World

This report provides a realistic look at the display LED market by application. Based on multiple sources of data, including LED supplier data, panel maker data and backlight maker data, DisplaySearch analysts provide a complete picture of the displays category of the LED market as well as trends driving future adoption rates. Highlights include

  • LED development roadmaps
  • LED manufacturing technology
  • Supply chain relationships and application information
  • LED market forecasts of price and demand by application
  • Detailed forecasts of shipments of LED backlights by application, size and LED type through 2012
  • Analysis of LED backlight value chain by panel maker
LEDs have evolved dramatically since their early uses in indicator lights 50 years ago. As consumers and businesses across the globe look for greener alternatives, five key applications are adopting LEDs within LCD backlight applications: small/medium, notebook PC, desktop monitors, industrial applications, and most notably TV. This unique report is a comprehensive way to learn about the display LED technologies and access the latest market outlook for LEDs for each of these applications.