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AUO cooperation with Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute developed transparent display


Display Technology Center, Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan, today announced the successful development of transparent display, monochrome penetration rate of 40%; Taiwan panel makers AUO is cooperating with the institute.

The Taiwan ITRI display center director Cheng Zhang Lin, said transparent display is a new trend for future industrial development, and can be widely used in portable consumer electronic products, shop windows and public information bulletin, Korean panel makers Samsung also put into the development.

Cheng Zhang Lin pointed out that Taiwan ITRI After six years of research and development, the successful development of a transparent display, wetting a result of electrical principle, by applying voltage to control the image change, not only fast response, and do not need and Polaroid, single color penetration rate of 40 percent, as the mainstream technology for more than 2 times.

Cheng Zhang Lin said, the future of Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute in addition to facing the color development, while striving towards the goal of the penetration rate of 5 percent; AUO cooperation with the Industrial Technology Research Institute, input the transparent display field development.

Cheng Zhang Lin also said that Taiwan's ITRI successfully developed a rewritable use ticket card the (i2R Card), both environmental protection and energy-saving features can be applied to e-book, electronic bulletin boards and reusable bills and cards.