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Samsung Hits $ 1.8 Billion Expansion to Push the Flexible Panel

三星砸18亿美元扩产能推可挠式面板The Korea Times 14 reported that Samsung Electronics, one of the people familiar with the matter said that its Samsung Display has decided to invest OLED screen up to 2 trillion won ($ 1.8 billion) in order to increase production capacity to meet market explosive needs. The message is displayed, Samsung does not intend additional factories, but freeing up more space in South Chungcheong Province Asan plant will be the production of small and medium size OLED. Above 2 trillion won investment plan, Samsung plans to set aside $ 30 billion won to strengthen the flexible panel sector.
Samsung insiders, Samsung Display planning to start mass production of OLED screens with plastic, this decision will make the mobile device more lightweight, flexible and not easily damaged. The investment case is scheduled to be in the next year (2013) completed by the end of June.
The message is displayed, the expansion of production lines in the investment case is called "A2 line", the line can produce 75,000 tablets a month OLED panel. After the completion of the expansion plan, the monthly capacity of the line of A2 to break through the 100,000 tablets, projected on the line in the first half of next year.