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TDK's New Technology Alows Intelligent Machines Substrate Area Shrink to Half


Nikkei news stories, TDK announced on the 6th, has developed a new set of technologies, allows parts installed in the smartphone substrate interval reduced to 1/4, to take this area of ??the substrate allows only half the level of the current can install the same number of parts. TDK said, the smartphone ultra-compact MLCC or inductive electrodes exposed, therefore, the narrow part of the installation interval, will be prone to short circuit, while the TDK developed can be used insulation resin around the part of the MLCC such coverage technology, whereby even if the interval is reduced to 1/4 of the current short problem does not occur, it can be the desired area of the substrate is reduced to half of the current component mounting.

TDK pointed out that currently apply for the new technology patents, and plan the first to apply the technology on smartphones and ultra-small MLCC, MLCC products using the new technology is expected in April 2013 mass production, monthly production of 3,000 million. TDK said it plans to apply the new technology to the MLCC parts outside, in order to popularize the new technology, the company also signed a license agreement and others in the same industry .